Thursday, May 31, 2012

Theme Day Thursday

Hello & Welcome to Theme Day Thursday!
For today's theme over at My Cricut Craft Room
We are making Wedding Themed Projects.

So I used Divine Wedding for my page today.
I hope you like it. I do not know anyone
that is getting married but I have
been wanting to make some wedding themed projects
Make sure you come back this weekend to
see what I made  for our monthly 100 cricut cartridge blog hop!

I cut out this cake at 3" the shadow was cut
using silver shimmer paper.
Then I cut the cake using a green & white pattern paper.
Next I cut the cake trim pieces
using black shimmer paper.
When I cut the trim piece the scroll did
not cut out very nice. So I got out
one of my punches and and made the flowers.
And just to give it a lil more I added a gem to the bow on the top.

For the I DO I cut the base out of black Shimmer paper
Then I cut the top layer out of silver shimmer.
Next I just added some gems.
Here is the Finished page. I used Creative Memories paper

Thanks For looking and head over to
 Also before I go the cake I cut was a part of
Erica's Craft Room Swaps. For last month we made die cuts.
We have a group that makes 8 cuts & or cards for 2 different
themes each month. We would love to have you
Please ask to join. There is still time for June's sign ups.
Thanks so much & have a great Day!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scrapbook Friday

Hello Everyone & welcome to Scrapbook Friday!
Today over at My Cricut Craft Room
Our team is making Scrapbook Pages
These Are My Favorite Days!
It gives me a chance to work on  my pages 
For My Books That I am Way Behind On.

So Anyways For today's Theme It is Christmas.
Do You Believe it is only 7 Months Away!
I know don't remind you. Right?!

So here is my page that I made using Winter Frolic.
This picture was taken Last year at a park near our home.
Yes My daughter has Shorts & a Tank Top On in December.
And Yes Santa had his Eyes Closed lol!

The Dear Santa was cut at 3.5" I used foam under the A & T,
 then I used stickles on the Santa hat.
The little girl was also cut at 3.5" I added
small gems to her bow. I really should
have inked her up a bit but of course
I didn't think about until I glued her down.
I also added some gems to the of some of the snowflakes on the page.
I tried using other colors than the traditional Christmas colors.
Thanks for visiting me today.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter Of The Day "T"

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Letter Of The Day "T". Today over at My Cricut CraftRoom we are making projects for the letter T. This is what I came up with.  I made this card using Traveler Creative Memories Cartridge.

I have been wanting to make some flip flops for awhile, and now I have the chance to.
I cut the flip flops at 3" I used black shimmer paper for the shadow.
I used green shimmer paper for the shoes & purple for the strap.
I then used a stamp for Thinking of You.  I used some glitter glue on the T,k,o and Y.
Then I also used some glitter glue around the edge.
Finally I added the blue gems. ( I had to bling it up)

I hope you liked my card Please head over to

For more projects like Mine!

Have A Great Day!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Card Creating Tuesday

Hello! and welcome to

I got to make a rose card. My favorite flower. I used this cartridge:

I cut my rose at 3"  I inked some on the leaves & some on the pink glitter layer.

I bought the black cards, then added the paper. I cut the dark red paper at 4 3/4" x 6 1/4". Then I cut the polka dot paper at 4 3/4 x 3 1/4. Next I made some cuts using Mother's Day 2010 in Cricut Craft Room.

The Happy Mother's Day is not quite done yet (sorry) I'm having issues with my machine. I hope you liked my Card. I got 8 more to finish up & get in the mail. I got to get busy Have a great day!

Please head over to to see more projects like mine today!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop 2 Days!

Hello Everyone & Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room 100 Cartridge Blog Hop!This is My Very 1st Blog hop!!!
You should have came over from Deirdre -
         if not please start here Host-
For my 1st hop I wanted to make something different so this is what I came up with. For my 1st project I made a a travel suitcase mini Album. I seen this on a TV show (can't remember which one) I made one but it didn't turn out. So I tried again & this time much much better ;)
I used the Creative Memories Traveler Cartridge.  
Here is the finished photo. Please scroll down 2 c step by step

The first thing I did was cut out the suitcase they are 5 1/2 x 4 1/4. Then I cut the the covers 4 3/4 x 2  1/2. Next I cut Pack Your Bags and Are We There Yet at 2 1/2. Next I inked the edges of the covers & glued the saying on each. Then glue the covers onto the case but leave a small opening on the top of each this is where the strap goes.

To make the inside cut a sheet of paper 12 x 5 then score as follows: 3" then every 3/4" from there 9 times & the last part will be 3". Next cut 8 pieces of paper 3 x 2 1/2 this will be your photo mats. Next glue your edges of you photo mats to the edge of the stripe that is 3/4". You should have one photo mat on each strip. Turn your paper & add one photo mat to each stripe. Half of your photo mats should face to the right & half to the left. Then glue the back of your paper to each side of the inside of your suitcase. And last of all add your photos.

For my Next project I made a double scrapbook layout using Mickey & Friends Cartridge. I love Mickey! Again I wanted to do something different so I used cricut markers to make these cutouts. I used blue to trace out Mickey then I cut him out. Next I cut  out the Shadow of Miney then I cut out all of the layers and put them together.

For my final project I made my daughter a Mobile for her room.  I seen this is a magazine using butterflies so I made it my way using Rock Princess on page 68 I cut my skulls. I love how Girly this cartridge is. I cut out 12 skull shadows at 2 1/2" . Then I cut 12 of layer 1. I used 12 different colors then flipped the layer 1 & cut 12 more. I cut 2 pieces of dowel 3/16" thick at 6". I wired them in the middle & cut 4 stripes of paper at 5 3/4 x 2". I placed an eyelet on ec piece at the ends. Next I cut 8 pieces of  string about 2ft long. I tied the 2 strings on each piece of dowel. I glued the stripes of paper to the dowels. Next I glued my skulls together and put them back to back on the strings. Cut 4 more strings for the top at about 2-3 ft depending how long you want the mobile to hang. Tie them through the eyelets and then tie them at the top into a loop. Then you can hang it from a hook.


I hope you enjoyed my projects today. Don't forget to Visit & comment on all of our post today & yesterday post because Erica is giving away a New Wild Card 2 cartridge!!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday 3-D Box

Hello, Today is Wednesday and I made a 3-D box for my project for Please stop by & check out some more projects from our Design Team. 

The 2 boxes that I had planned for today another girl on Design Team showed them 2 days ago. lol Great Minds think alike. So here are 2 more boxes that I made using sweet tooth boxes cartridge.  Sorry they are not the best, had to come up with something quick. The first one I cut at 4" from pg.21 I made box A and lid A using 2 different pattern paper.

The next box was cut the same way but I used the Flip lid.

Here are the boxes that I made & had planned for today (just so you can see)

This is the cut pieces

This is the Boxes together

This is the borders that I punched out

This is the finished boxes :)

I made these Recipe boxes using Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2. from pg. 8. The first box I cut at 8" and this one is the whole box cut together. I then took my flower punch and made a border for the bottom. I glued the border on using my "X". This made it alot easier to adhere to the box.

Then I cut another box also at 8" but this time I cut it as 2 separate pieces. You can see the difference in size when you cut them as separate pieces. I then took my cupcake punch and made a border for the bottom of the box. I again used my "X" to adhere it to the box. 

I am not that happy with the recipe boxes they are to blah for me but I could not think of anything else to add to them. Feel free to leave me some comments and or suggestions. Don't for get to go check out some more projects today at